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-Understanding the electronics market, R&D environtment and Technology trends in Vietnam and Worldwide.

-Experience in analyzing customer needs and managing electronics/automation projects in Vietnam and other countries.

-Experience in outsourcing electronics/automation projects.

-Good relationships with many electronics companies in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi) and other countries (Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan, and the USA...).

-Good relationships with many semiconductor manufacturers: NXP Semiconductor, Atmel, Texas Instruments, WIZnet, and Connect One... (refer: for further information)

-Good relationships with many factories (assembling, PCBA, plastic injection) in Vietnam and China... (5+ year working experience with Chinese factories)

-Experience in different stages of product development: recognizing, analyzing customer needs; R&D: making the proof of concept, prototypes, samples; working with material suppliers; setting up production lines; QA/QC; supervising the factories in Vietnam and China; and supporting customers after sales.

-Experience in building up the R&D department and analyzing the needs to hire and develop staff.


5/2011 – now: President, Nhatrang Hitech company, Ltd.

R&D and manufacturing:
-Products related to new energy, renewable energy.
-Smart building, smart home.
-New generation telecommunication solutions.
-High tech equipment for medical.

-High tech applications in agriculture.


Research supports:


Commercial projects:


3/2008 – 7/2011: Project Manager, Khoi Trinh company, Ltd. (Partner: Fascinations Toys and Gifts Inc.)

Working as the Business Development, Project Manager, managing the R&D engineering and leading the technical and product development in different stages of product development in various website/software, electronics and plastic projects.

1. Be responsible for Business Development:

§  Establish the new business for company

§  Manage projects, turn projects from outsourced to in-house by establishing the R&D team and analyzing the needs to convince the management board to develop human resources and expand the business in Vietnam.

§  Establish and keep contact with the partners/customers/suppliers/factories for developing, supporting and producing products.

§  Introduce to customers new technologies, suggest and discuss with them about the new product based on that technology, lead the R&D team to provide the proof of concept for that product to realize the ideas.

§  Work with the customers to understand their requirements; recognize and analyze their needs and lead the R&D team to develop the product specifications and outline design of the product.

§  Provide a single point interface to customers, Engineer and OEM factories, which covers all technical issues.

§  Solve problems related to the requirements of the important customers.

§  Provide support for end-customers via Customer Support page.

§  Contact the partners, and prepare the factories tour with the investor (SEGA Corporate) to estimate the factories capacity in Vietnam and the ability to cooperate to do business in Vietnam.


 2.  Managing the R&D engineering, managing the inhouse and outsourcing projects:

§  Work with the customers to understand their requirements; recognize and analyze their needs and lead the R&D team to develop the product specifications and outline design of the product.

§  Build a project schedule, establish milestones as well as project delivery; make project plan and follow up with R&D team on the R&D phase of designing electronics parts.

§  Give the solution for R&D team to work on, find/select the suppliers/manufacturers and work with suppliers/manufacturers to get their support on the development phase, arrange the meetings between R&D team and suppliers/manufacturers if necessary to introduce/transfer the new technology.

§  Work on the industrial design; approve the product drawing and mockup sample; approve the tooling drawing; first article inspection, sample for mass production.

§  Work on the quality/design of the material sample and deal with material suppliers (in Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, USA) to have a good material at a competitive price.

§  Work with UL/ETL on the safety standards for the electronics product.


3. Be responsible for production:

§  Optimize the electronics design for mass-producing; work on the Bill of material (BOM) to calculate the product cost.

§  Set up the production line in OEM in Vietnam and China, make the jig, fixture and give the instructions for quality control at the suppliers and factories.

§  Work with production people in OEM factories to control the quality of the product and solve the problem related to production, logictics...

§  Work with freight forwarders (Seko, Expeditors, FedEx...) on the shipment issue. Select the best freight company for every rout to save the shipping cost.


4/2007 - 3/2008: Technical Consultant, ROBOTVIET club

Working as the Technical Consultant, build up the club, relationship and education program.

1.  Relationship Development:

§  Contact with newspapers agent and television agent to issue information about the activities of ROBOTVIET.

§  Contact with Universities to cooperate on the Robot contest activities.


2.  Education Programmer:

§  Select and suggest to Managers to buy the Robots/kits/tools for the course.

§  Prepare the robot program for teaching kids and students.


3/2007 - 3/2008: R&D Engineer, Nextcom Co., Ltd

Working on NFMS (Next Fleet Management System) project as the Engineer and Technical Trainer.

1.  R&D Engineer:

§  Design the user interface with GLCD screen and keypad, and write the firmware for this module (using MCU AVR ATMega128 then upgrading to ATMega2560)

§  Work with the design team to write the communication commands between the main module and display module.


2. Technical Trainer:

§  Provide training service for the users (customers and taxi drivers).

Customers: Hai Duong Logistics Holding company (Hai Duong), Phuong Trang Taxi (Dalat), Cong Thanh Forwarding & Transporting Service (HCMC).


9/2006 – 2/2007: R&D Trainee, Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Hochiminh city University of Technology (HCMUT)

-Develop the system to control and collect data from the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle model (UAV)


6/2006 - 9/2006: Trainee, Nextcom company Ltd., HCMC

Research and install the eCos in ARM-based core.


From 2002 to 2007: HCMC University of Technology, HCMC, Vietnam.

-Scholarship for Excellent Students in 2002-2003.

-Certificate from Philips in the Philips MCU contest (2005).

-Certificate of merit of HCM Communist Youth Union (Facuty of Electrical-Electronics) for the excellent achievements in Student movements in 2005-2006. 

Electronics/ Automation knowledge:
-Very good basis and understanding on Electronics/Automation.
Very good knowledge of automatic systems, embedded systems, robotics...

-5-year experience on designing and programming micro controllers. Very good at using 8-bit MCU family (Atmel, NXP), ARM 32-bit (LPC2xxx/NXP), ARM cortex M3 (LPC17xx/NXP)(Refer link)

-Interest in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, 3G communication protocol.


Decision making skills                

Planning and organising skills   

Project management skills         

Presentation skills                       

Interpersonal skills                     

Problem solving skills                 

Computer skills                           

-Desktop Applications: Good at Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power point, Prontpage, Outlook, Visio,and Project Manager)

-Programming languages: Excellent at technical languages (C, Assembly) and technical softwares (Orcad, Matlab), good at using web tools, HTML language and PHP language.



-Excellent at reading/understanding technical documents.

-Very good at commercial communication via email


-Quick learner, self confident and open minded.

-Active person, found and participate in many social activities.

-To be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously

-To be able to work independently and teamwork under high pressure.

-To be able to lead the team and project through influence than direction.

-Hard-working, well organized, detailed and enthusiatic in working with new technologies



You have an assortment of talents, many of which have already been tested with the development of the iXP3...  Fascinations CEO


I also recognized that you are a young talent who is very enthusiast in working with new technologies and also equipped with a fair amount of knowledge....  Fascinations CFO


"I also wish to pay a visit to your work place (...) to understand more about the R&D working environment in Vietnam as well as create a relationship with young talents in Vietnam…"   Fascinations CFO


“I can see you have talent in the management area which I really need to improve in Vietnam operations…  Khoi Trinh President